If you are asking any of the below questions, well you have come to the right place.

  • How can I stay productive during my research?
  • How to do my research activities more efficiently?
  • How to study a Masters or PhD in India with a Scholarship?
  • How to prepare documents for a scholarship?
  • How can I get information on the energy sector and the current research in the area?

What to expect

Academic Tips, Software Tutorials, Scholarship Information, Information on diverse subjects in Energy

About Bipin Sharma


“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”


Bipin Sharma

When I was young, I always tried to understand how everything worked.

Mostly by taking apart and re-assembling random household objects. With different levels of success, and let’s not talk about my parent’s reaction!

The inevitable progression of this interest led me to graduate with a Mechanical Engineering degree with honors (Automobile Engineering).

Shortly after my graduation, I was searching for a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree.

Yet all those documents that I had to prepare at that time were a nerve-racking without a thorough understanding. I’m pretty sure that you’re thinking the same way, too.

I haven’t found a reliable site that makes it much simpler and more comprehensive.

After all the hard work, I received the DAAD scholarship to pursue my Master of Technology in Energy Systems Engineering in one of India’s prestigious institutes, IIT Bombay.

So to address this problem, one of the topics I’d like to post on this blog would be how to prepare scholarship documents in a simpler way.

I was struggling to remain organized at the early stage of my Master’s degree, with various tasks continually accumulating. My way of doing activities was inefficient and I had to work until the deadline.

During my research project, I still recall vividly downloading several research papers for a literature review; I wanted to refer back a paper after months or two, but I failed to find it. At some point, it happens to us all, particularly at the beginning.

Various software is now available that can help us make our academic and research activities more efficient, which I later realized in my Master’s degree.

I would, therefore, like to share the software I used with you and also the step-by-step guide which you can use to streamline your academic and research activities.

In addition, I’ll post on different energy topics. I am familiar and know diverse themes in this field that I privileged to learn from highly qualified professors at IIT Bombay.

I’ll post on the research I did during my Master’s degree. In summary, the blog will focus on academic and research boundaries. I am pretty sure; you’ll find it interesting and useful.

I will also attempt to include a guest post from experts from different areas, their experiences and suggestions, that may help you in your research and academic activities.

Feel free to contact me. Cheers!

Bipin Sharma