Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) License Requirements

NEC License


Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) is an organization approved by the Government of Nepal which registers engineers and issues NEC license as per their qualifications and aims to make the engineering profession effective by mobilizing it in a more systematic and scientific way.

Youtube video step-by-step tutorial for NEC License Exam Registration:

NEC defines the registrations of engineers in three different categories and also has different formats of application for these categories. The categories in which NEC does registration are

  • General Registered Engineer
  • Professional Engineer
  • Non – Nepali Registered Engineer

Today, this article looks into the first category-General Registered Engineer, NEC registration procedure where all the recent graduates fall into.

You may be wondering what are the requirements for NEC License? How to apply for NEC License? How long will it take? and so on. No worries! we will discuss all of these in this article.

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Steps before applying for NEC License


NEC recognizes a total of 23 fields of engineering as of now. So, the most important thing in the whole process is you must be graduated in any one of the engineering field mentioned below.

Aeronautical EngineerCivil EngineerEnvironmental Engineer
Agri-irrigation EngineerComputer EngineerForestry Engineer
Agricultural EngineerElectrical & Electronics EngineerGeology Engineer
Architect EngineerElectrical EngineerIndustrial Engineer
Automation EngineerElectronics & Telecommunication EngineerInformation Technology & Telecommunication Engineer
Automobile EngineerElectronics and Communication EngineerInformation Technology Engineer
Biomedical EngineerElectronics EngineerUrban & Physical Planning Engineer
Chemical EngineerEnergy Engineer

Congratulations! if you fall in any one of the above engineer’s category.

Note: You must be graduated meaning you must have all the documents like transcripts, character, mark sheets, etc. You cannot apply while you are in your last year of engineering.

Now, another step is to check your universities from where you graduated. NEC has a list of universities that it recognizes from around the world. You can check your university simply by visiting this link.

If your university isn’t there on the list, don’t worry, Kindly visit NEC Office for further information.

Another important thing before applying for NEC License is you must obtain the TU equivalence of your degree.

if you haven’t applied yet and wondering how to apply, then refer to this TU Equivalence Article which will give you information on how you can proceed.

Below is the list of documents you will require to apply for a license.


Required Documents

  1. Mark Sheet of SEE or Equivalent.
  2. Character Certificate of SEE or Equivalent.
  3. Transcript of 10+2 or Equivalent.
  4. Character Certificate of 10+2 or Equivalent.
  5. Transcript / Semester wise mark sheet of the bachelor’s degree.
  6. Bachelor’s degree character certificate / Documents showing the duration of the study.
  7. Degree / Provisional certificate of bachelor’s degree issued by the university.
  8. An equivalence certificate from the authorized agency of the Nepal government is required for student studied from abroad. (If applicable) [equivalence of SEE, 10+2 and Bachelors]
  9. License certificates of two registered engineer issued by NEC.
  10. Citizenship.
  11. one Passport size photo.

You don’t have to submit original documents. You can have a copy of your orignal document and it should be Notarized before uploading and submitting.

Fee for NEC General License Registration


You have to pay below mentioned fee for NEC General License registration.

  1. Rs.3400 (Nepalese Universities)
    • Registration – Rs.3000
    • Identity card – Rs.250
    • Badge – Rs.150
  2. Rs.4400 (International Universities)
    • Registration – Rs.4000
    • Identity card – Rs.250
    • Badge – Rs.150

You should deposit the registration fee in Account No. 1160100001093001 at Rastriya Banijya Bank.

Once deposited, keep your bank voucher safely as you need to upload in the online application form.

Note: Online payment such as IPS Transfer or Bank Transfer is not Valid.

Online Application


All the above mentioned list of documents should be notarized before proceeding for online application except bank voucher.

You can proceed to online application via this link – NEC License Online Application.

You have to fill in your personal details and upload all your documents. Also, the two registered engineers whose License certificates issued by NEC you are submitting will receive link to approve in their email id. They have to approve your application to move your application forward.

So, don’t forget to remind them to approve.

After Submission


Once you submit your online application successfully, you will receive temporary license certificate from NEC.

After online submission of documents, you need to submit hard copies of all the documents and an original copy of the bank voucher.

The documents may be submitted by post.

Nepal Engineering Council


01-4520655, 01-4520656



If they find any issue with your application, NEC may contact you via email or call. The application processing takes quite a while, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope the article will help you. Good Luck!!


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