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Have you completed your degree (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) from abroad and wondering how to obtain degree equivalence from Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal?

Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

All the Nepalese students who have completed their degree from any foreign country can obtain the equivalence of their degree from Tribhuvan University. 

The degree equivalence certificate from TU is necessary when you wish to appear for exams like Lok Sewa for a Government job or register and obtain a license from institutions like Nepal Engineering Council (NEC).

The Curriculum Development Center (CDC) at Tribhuvan University handles all the degree equivalence related activities. The CDC office is located on the right side, less than 100m, when you enter the TU main gate.

CDC at Tribhuvan University has recently accepting equivalence certificate online registration. The step-by-step procedure is given in this article below.

Required Documents for TU Equivalence

First, you need to show all the below-listed documents original to an officer sitting in Window Number 2.

Once he/she checks your documents and says okay, then you need to fill an equivalence form (you can find the form hanged near Window Number 4) and deposit NPR 1000 in Nepal Bank Limited (if your university is recognized by TU) and get the voucher/slip.

If your university is not recognized by TU that case you need to deposit NPR 4000 in Nepal Bank Limited and get the voucher/slip.

Note: Bank account number to deposit 1000 (recognized by TU) and 4000 (not recognized by TU) is different.

If you are only applying for Bachelor’s degree equivalence ignore points 1 to 5.

If you wish to obtain the equivalence of Master and Bachelor degrees at once, you don’t need to prepare separate copies of these documents, One set of all the below-listed documents will work. You only need to fill two equivalence forms one for Bachelor and another for Master along with two Bank vouchers.

List of Documents

  1. Master Degree Certificate or Passing Certificate
  2. Transcript or Mark Sheet of Master Degree
  3. Character Certificate of Master Degree
  4. Syllabus or Curriculum of Master Subjects (if your university is not recognized by TU)
  5. Master Thesis or Project Work (if your university is not recognized by TU)
  6. Bachelor Equivalence Certificate (If already have)
  7. Bachelor Degree Certificate 
  8. Transcript or Mark Sheet of Bachelor Degree
  9. Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree
  10. Class 12 or A-Level Equivalence Certificate or Voucher from Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
  11. Transcript of +2 or GCE Certificate of A-level
  12. Statement of Results (SOR) Certificate or Provisional Result copy stamped by British Council (For A-Level)
  13. Migration Certificate (For A-Level)
  14. Character Certificate of +2 or A-Level
  15. SLC Marksheet
  16. SLC Certificate
  17. Character Certificate
  18. Filled Equivalence Form
  19. Nepal Bank Voucher
  20. Passport / Visa for all other countries except India

For submitting an application for equivalence of bachelor or master degree, a student has to get an equivalence of class 12 or A level from the Higher Secondary Education Board, Sanothimi.


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+2 Equivalence Certificate

Following is the list of documents required for students having a degree from the HSEB Board.

  1. Bank voucher of Rs. 500
  2. Photocopy of citizenship card
  3. Photocopy of +2 transcript
  4. Two passport size photographs
  5. Filled equivalence form

Once the application is submitted, the officer will stamp the voucher and give it back to the student. You won’t receive an equivalence certificate on the same day. It takes a week and the timing to collect the certificate is after 3:00 PM. 

The payment voucher/slip you have collected from Sanothimi is required while applying for a Bachelor equivalence at TU.

A-level Equivalence Certificate

Following is the list of documents required for students having an A-Level degree from the Cambridge Board, UK.

  1. General Certificate of Education
  2. Statement of Result or Provisional result certificate stamped by the British Council, Nepal
  3. Migration Certificate
  4. Character Certificate
  5. SLC mark sheet, certificate, and character certificate
  6. Payment of Rs. 1000
  7. Filled equivalence form

All the photocopies of the above-listed documents must be notarized. The notary centre is located outside near the highway.

You will receive an A level equivalence certificate on the same day (Generally within 1 hour).

For the students who have their higher secondary passing certificate from other boards such as CBSE, etc., they need to submit mainly notarized copies of the transcript, degree certificate, character certificate, etc.

Once you have all the documents listed above, submit them in Window Number 1. You will get your degree equivalence certificate in 2 days (because of Covid-19), but the time duration may change when everything goes back to normal.

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Equivalence Certificate Online Registration

Follow the below steps to apply for an equivalence certificate online.

  • Go to the website of TU Curriculum Development Center, click on the Registration for Equivalence button and enter your email and mobile no. Register yourself with the system. Don’t use other people’s mobile and email.(त्रिवि पाठ्यक्रम विकास केन्द्रको वेवसाइट www.tucdc.edu.np मा गइसकेपछि  Registration for Equivalence बटममा क्लिक गरी आफ्नो इमेल र मोवाइल नं. राखेर आफुलाई सिस्टममा दर्ता गराउनुहोस् । अरुको मोवाइल र इमेल प्रयोग नगर्नुहोला । )
  • After registering your email, go to the Inbox of your email and click on Activation Link to activate it. (तपाईंको इमेल दर्ता भइसकेपछि त्यसलाई Active गर्न इमेलको Inbox मा गई  Activation Link मा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् ।)
  • Now log in to the system using your email and password (अब तपाईंले युजर आई डीको रुपमा इमेल र पासवर्ड प्रयोग गरी सिस्टममा प्रवेश गर्र्नुहोस् ।)
  • The applicant should enter his / her name under the Personal Info of the Profile Section, Full Name and Address as mentioned in the educational certificates. Also, mention your official address. (आवेदकले आफ्नो नाम Profile Section को Personal Info अन्तरगत Full Name र Address लगायतका विवरण  शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्रहरुमा उल्लेख भए अनुसार नै प्रविष्ट गर्नुपर्नेछ । साथै आफ्नो आधिकारिक ठेगानालाई नै उल्लेख गर्नुपर्छ ।)
  • Then choose the university where you studied and the subject you studied. Then click Next. If this is a topic that has been decided by TU, you can choose that topic and move forward. But if there is a new university and a new subject, type your subject by clicking on Add New University and Add New Subject (आफुले अध्ययन गरेको विश्वविद्यालय र पढेको विषय छनौट गर्नुहोस् । त्यसपछि Next गर्नुहोस् । त्रिविबाट निर्णय भइसकेको विषय हो भने तपाईंले सो विषय छनौट गरी  अगाडि बढ्न सक्नुहुनेछ । तर नयाँ विश्वविद्यालय र नयाँ विषय रहेछ भने Add New University  Add New Subject मा क्लिक गरी आफ्नो विषय टाइप गर्नुहोस् ।)
  • Then in the second tab, all the certificates and documents that you have received should be in PDF format. Upload the file (file must be at most 5 MB). For the level of educational certificate to be equivalent, the level of educational certificates and the level below that level of educational certificate and transcript should also be scanned and uploaded. If the lower-level educational certificate has been studied in Nepal and other foreign educational institutions except for the National Examination Board and TU, then the certificate has to be submitted by making it equivalent (त्यसपछि दोस्रो ट्याबमा आफुले प्राप्त गरेको सबै प्रमाणपत्रहरु र कागजातहरु पि.डि.एफ. फायल (बढिमा ५ एमबिको फायल हुनुपर्छ) मा अपलोड गर्नुहोस् ।  जुन तहको शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्रको समकक्षता गराउनु पर्ने हो, सो तहको शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्रहरु र सो तहभन्दा तल्लो तहको शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्र र ट्रान्स्क्रिप्ट पनि स्क्यान गरी अपलोड गर्नुपर्नेछ । तल्लो तहको शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्र राष्ट्रिय परीक्षा बोर्ड र त्रिवि बाहेक नेपालभित्र र विदेशी अन्य शैक्षिक संस्थाबाट अध्ययन गरेको भएमा सोको समेत समकक्षता गराएर प्रमाणपत्र पेश गर्नुपर्ने छ ।)
  • Then send your application and pay the application fee online in the next third tab. To pay the fee online, you will see the Esewa and Khalti logos. Click on it to pay the application fee shown to you by the system. Since you will not be refunded after paying the fee, you should pay only after making sure about the fee. The fee paid by the service recipient for the application will not be refunded (त्यसपछि तपाईंको आवेदन Send गर्नुहोस् र अर्को तेस्रो ट्याबमा अनलाइनबाट दस्तुर आवेदन शुल्क तिर्नुहोस् । अनलाइनबाट शुल्क तिर्न तपाईंले इसेवा र खल्तीको लोगो देख्नु हुनेछ । त्यसमा  क्लिक गरेर तपाईंलाई सिस्टमले देखाएको आवेदन दस्तुर तिर्नुहोस् । तपाईंले शुल्क तिरिसकेपछि फिर्ता नहुने हुँदा शुल्कबारे आफु सुनिश्चित भएर मात्र तिर्नुहोला । सेवाग्राहीले आवेदनबापत तिरिसकेको शुल्क रकम फिर्ता हुनेछैन । )
  • The application submitted by you will be forwarded and the information will come in the Remarks after verifying your form (तपाईंले पेश गर्नुभएको आवेदन अगाडि गएर बस्नेछ र त्यसमा देखिएको Remarks मा तपाईंको फारम रुजु भइसकेपछि जानकारी आउने छ ।)
  • The status of your application will be reflected within a maximum of three working days, except on holidays. If your document is insufficient, information will be added to add the document (तपाईंको आवेदनको स्टाटस के भइरहेको छ भनेर बिदाको दिन बाहेक बढीमा तीन कार्य दिनभित्र कैफियतमा देखिनेछ । यदि तपाईंको कागजात अपुग भएको अवस्थामा कागजात थप गर्न जानकारी आउनेछ ।)
  • In case your document has been received and the form has been approved while verifying, you will see a status saying your application has been approved and you can Collect an Equivalent Letter from TU CDC, Kiritpur. Only then you can visit on the office time and collect your equivalency certificate (तपाईंको कागजात पुगेको छ र रुजु गर्दा फारम स्वीकृत भएको अवस्थामा Your Application  have been Approved and You can Collect Equivalent Letter from TUCDC, Kiritpur भनेर कैफियतमा आउनेछ । त्यसपछि मात्र तपाईंले कार्यालय समयमा आएर आफ्नो समकक्षता प्रमाणपत्र बुझेर लैजान सक्नुहुनेछ ।)
  • After the verification of the form of the service recipients who have paid the application fee of Rs. 4000, the service recipient will receive notification in the system to submit copies of the document in the file to window number 1 within 3 days. After submitting the file, the office will provide a letter stating that it is in process (प्रक्रियामा लैजान चार हजार आवेदन शुल्क तिर्नुहुने सेवाग्राहीहरुको फारम रुजु भइसकेपछि कागजातको प्रतिलिपीहरु कार्यालयमा पेश गर्न बिदाको दिन बाहेक बढिमा तीन कार्य दिनभित्र सिस्टमबाटै जानकारी गराइनेछ । कागजात पुगेको भनी सिस्टममा जानकारी प्राप्त भएपछि सेवाग्राहीले सो कागजातको प्रतिलिपी फायलमा राखेर तीन दिनभित्र कार्यालयको झ्याल नं. १ मा बुझाउनु पर्नेछ । फायल बुझाएपछि कार्यालयले प्रक्रियामा रहेको भनेर पत्र उपलब्ध गराउने छ ।)
  • If there is any error or discrepancy in any of the details filled in by the service recipient online, the service recipient should be responsible himself. The office will not be held accountable for this. Therefore, the service recipients are requested to read the information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) carefully and fill the application carefully (अनलाइनमार्फत सेवाग्राहीले भरेको कुनै पनि विवरणमा त्रुटी भएमा वा फरक पर्न गएमा सेवाग्राही स्वयम् जिम्मेवार हुनुपर्नेछ । यसमा कार्यालय जवाफदेहि हुनेछैन । त्यसैले सेवाग्राहीले बारम्बार सोधिने प्रश्नहरु (FAQ) मा राखिएको जानकारी राम्रोसंग पढेर सचेततापुर्वक आवेदन भर्न हुन अनुरोध छ ।)
  • If you encounter any problems while filling out the equivalence certificate online form, please send an email to helpdesk.cdc@tu.edu.np. The officer will discuss your problem and reply via email. Due to the current situation, CDC TU are unable to provide you with technical information in the office (अनलाइन फारम भर्दा कुनै पनि समस्या आएमा तपाईंले यो इमेल ठेगाना helpdesk.cdc@tu.edu.np मा लेखेर पठाउनुहोस् ।)


Contact Details of CDC:
Curriculum Development Center
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: 01-4330856/4334041


  • Thanks for bringing this as blog.
    I hope it is going to be handy for equivalence

  • write a paper for me

    You actually made it appear really easy along with your presentation.

  • Do we need to pass from the tu recognized universities of india to get government job in nepal or not? And can we get the equivalent certificate from tu in case of passing other than the tu recognized universities of india?

    • Even if your university is not recognized by TU, still you can apply for degree equivalence by submitting your syllabus, project report, etc. and you need to pay NPR 4000. After receiving equivalence you can apply for any government job.

      • Sir can you help me

      • Bijay kumar Yadav

        Sir can you help me my university is recognised by Tu but my course is not showing in option for this what to do

      • Sir I complete my bachelor of engineering from india. I take lateral entry admission and complete bachelor in 3 year.
        What should I do for equivalance in Nepal.

      • My degree bachelor of arts (3 years) major subject english and sociology .please sir tell me how many money payment i required for payment for equivalent

      • Mohammad Akhtar Rain

        Hi good morning sir.
        Sir , im B E civil ENGINEERING from AMIE IIE india can i get Equivalent from TU???

  • How about if i completed the 3 years diploma course in korea

  • Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree is compulsory?

    • If you are applying for a degree equivalent to your master’s degree then they will ask character certificate of a Bachelor’s Degree. But, for Bachelor’s degree equivalence it is not mandatory but they ask for it sometimes. So, it is good to have.

      • Dev prakash yadav

        Sr I am studying from india
        State government university in madhya pradesh bhopal yet this not recognize in tribhuvan university. Can I get equivalent certificate form tribhuvan university…

        • Hi Dev, even though your university is not recognized by TU still you can obtain a degree equivalence. You need to pay NPR 4000 and submit your degree syllabus, thesis/project report, on top of the other documents listed above.

        • Chandra Mani yadav

          Online from pata xu B Sc Ag ko aquilance ko lagi sir 2 day bho pls jankari paw bhane hjr sanga

  • Dev prakash yadav

    Tq sr You told me very important that it was bothering me

  • Manoj budhathoki

    Can you tell the process for unrecognised university Bipin Sharma sir how to approve and verify syllabus lab report or project report etc ????

    • Hi Manoj, you need to have all the above-listed documents and if your university is not recognized you need to submit the syllabus, project/thesis report also. Basically, you can print the syllabus of all the subjects you undertook during your degree and one copy of your final project/thesis report. You don’t need to do anything just need to submit those document. The officer will check and verify.

      • Manoj budhathoki

        In bachelor level there is no thesis sir what we have to do ?? And sir these project and syallabus we have to verify by Indian university board UGC or what ???or normal photocopy is valid under this ???

        • You may have a mini/major project at your bachelor level. You can submit one copy of that. No, you don’t need to verify the syllabus and project, just submit a photocopy of those.

  • Sr I am studying from india
    North East frontier technology university Arunachal Pradesh India this is recognize in tribhuvan university. Can I get equivalent certificate form tribhuvan university…

    • Yes, you can get an equivalent certificate from TU. Submit all the above-mentioned documents once you complete your degree to CDC at TU.

  • I have completed my bachelors from Australia, but my +2 is from Nepal
    I want to equivalent my bachelors degree at TU, do i still have to equivalent my +2 certificate at hseb sanothimi
    Can you plz suggest?

    • Hi Umesh, Yes you need to apply for a +2 equivalent at Sanotimi Bhaktapur. You will receive a bank slip stamped by an officer after you submitted your documents. You may not receive a +2 equivalence certificate on the same day but the bank slip you received after submission will work while applying for your Bachelor equivalence on TU.

  • Sir I want to know if any student Complete their diploma from india .He/she taking admission B.tech lateral entry (3year B.tech) from india and that university is also recognized by TU than after TU will give equivalency or not.if not than what to do sir please .

    • Hi Sunil, I am not fully aware of the requirement for equivalence for lateral entry but as far as I know diploma is equivalent to +2 or A level in Nepal. So, you may need to obtain the equivalence of your diploma first from Sanotimi, Bhaktapur, and apply for a Bachelor’s equivalence on TU.

  • Please confirm sir about lateral entry (3year of B.tech ) is equivalent by TU or not.
    If TU is not giving equivalency than what I can do . please sir

  • Prashant Poudel

    In 2015, I was told by CDC that the Directory of Equivalence of Educational Qualifications will work as the equivalence and no need to get other letter/certificate from CDC. Is it still the same or we must get the personal equivalence certificate ?

    • Bikram prasad verma

      Hello sir, my sister in law has completed bachelor and master degree in arts without major subject english with non recognised university in India also we haven’t got +2 equivalence certificate because of not having major subject english.
      Still can we get bachelor and master degree equivalence certificate??

  • Good day! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Bipin,

    Thanks for the detailed info. Since I do not have my original certificates with me, do you think only the copies will work for the equivalence?

    • Hi Lakshed, They will check the xerox copy and original once before submission to make sure all documents are available. But you don’t have to submit an original copy. You just need to write, “Sakalee Bamojim Nakalee Sahi Cha” in Xerox copies and submit. What you can do is if you have all xerox copies of required documents, submit them directly with application form and bank voucher.

    • did you get equivalence certificate without submitting original? is it accepted?

      • You don’t need to submit original documents. You just need to show original documents just to make sure you have all the required documents to get the equivalence of your degree.

  • hiii bipin sir, moilay 10th class nepal bata gare xu ani +2 india ma UP board but tesma regular xaina private lekhe xa ra character certificate ra migration certificate xa . ani ahile engineering sakena laxa engineering ma overall 70% bandai xa mero aauta semester ma 55% aaxa mero. moilay +2 ko equivalent gara xu sir but moilay ioe tu equialent ma here ko online course ya aru kahi le gareko equivalent hudaina .UP board online course hoina but regular xaina private xa ani engineering ma aauta smester 55% aaxa tesle garda kahi problem hunxa ki hudaina sir. ekchoti ramro sanga molai samjhai dinu na sir please.

    • If you have all the required documents with you, you will receive an equivalent certificate from TU. Apply with all the required documents.

  • Hello,

    My friend have completed IA from Nepal college( I think RR College) and bachelor from India. He is out side nepal now and requesting me for equivalence certificate and sent me all the documents except IA character certificate which has lost by him:
    My question are1) Can i go on behalf of my friend ?
    2) Can i apply without IA character certificate?

    • Yes, you can do it on his behalf. You need to have a character certificate of IA to get the equivalence of a Bachelor.

  • up board (private) bata xa +2 tesle kahi problem hudaina ni sir.

  • Hi I have completed my B.com(H) from India but I have not studied English subject in any year of b.com but when i went for equivalence from TU mam said first u have to pass English paper from TU but i have no idea how to apply for my English paper i went to balkhu for this but no one was help me?Have u any idea of QT and when will this exam held?

    • Hi Mukesh, I have no idea about the English paper from the TU requirement. But English language tests like IELTS, TOFEL, PET scores also may work ask the officials once and confirm.

      • Sir you should have idea you can’t say like this you are the only hope who can tell the solution please sir try to solve this problem instead of all required documents we could not succeed just because a subject

    • Bro even iam facing same problem did you get any solution or still trying tell me bro.

      • Mukesh Kumar Suman

        I haven’t get any solution. Did you get any solution

        • Guys you have completed B.com we don’t need any English subject to clear. Business communication in 1st year is the English subject CDC people are illiterate people just troubling the students only Bcom is similar to BBS in Nepal

          • I am facing the same problem.
            I had completed B.Com in 2018 but still have not received equivalence just because there wasn’t English in my course. So, from where should I bring English in my transcript? We didn’t have to study ‘English’ subject. It’s just illogical and torturing mentality of CDC members.

  • Hlo sir , sir Maile 10th Nepal bata pass out gare ko xu and +2 India bata but ma sanga equivalent certificate xa +2 ko and Maile bachelor pani India bata complete gareko xu . Sir , on behave of me mero cousin le mero bachelor ko equivalent certificate lena milxa ki nai and milxa vane malai kunai application lekhnu parxa ra . And sir mero +2 ko equivalent xa soo still I need this , “Sakalee Bamojim Nakalee Sahi Cha” in Xerox copies .

  • Yes, your cousin can apply on your behalf but to be on the safer side write an application that your cousin is applying for equivalent on your behalf specifying why you cannot submit by yourself. Since you are submitting xerox copies, you have to write ‘Sajakee Banojim Nakalee Sahi Cha’ just to make sure the copies you are submitting are genuine from the original documents.

  • Santosh Kumar Thakur

    Bipin Sir, Namaste!,
    Ma India ko Mysore Univerity bat BCA gare ko xu 1st class bat. Tra tyo Online BCA ho regular xain. Mysore University, TU ko equivalence ko list name xa. Ke ma equivalence paun sakxu ya sakdin sir.
    Sakxu bhane documents ke ke chahinxa sir:
    Plz , Xito bhanu hola.

    • Hi Santosh Ji, if your university is on the list and somebody has already applied for equivalence of your degree, then surely you will also get equivalence. I am sure there may be some provision for equivalence of online degree also. Because of COVID most of the degree programs are online if they have no provision of equivalence for a degree then I am sure TU will come up with that also in the future. For more detail and accurate information please contact CDC TU.

  • hi Bipin ji, i wish to congratulate you first for your work of educational guidance our Nepalese students.

    My son has passed +2 from CBSE board from India. Is he require equivalence certificate for apply in any competitive exam / admission for bachelour course in Nepal. will you please- inform -thanks

    • Thank you, Alam Ji. It is better to apply for equivalence now as it may be necessary at one point in the future than you need to hurry for equivalence. Some competitive exams/admissions may ask for it and some may not.

  • Santosh Kumar Thakur

    One more question Sir.
    What is the required document for the situation, sir?

  • Palmo Teshla Sherpa

    Hi sir! Regarding the bank voucher for +2 equivalence in sanothimi , will it be provided from HSEB board by paying 500rs or do i have to get it from a bank ?

  • Can i apply online to fill the form for equivalent ?

    • No, there is no such provision as of now.

    • Yes, CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • moilay +2 india ma gareko ho sir up board bata moh sanga character certificate, migration certificate ra marksheet matra xa equivalent vaihalxa sir .

  • bachelor of engineering k0 equivalent kun thau ma huxa sir

  • 60% vanda kam vayo vane equivalent vaihalxa sir engineering ko

  • last one question sir hamro 12th ko migration ra character certificate original university ma submit gare xam ani equivalent ko bela ma original show garnu parxa sir . kasari hunxa sir

  • I have to get equivlance certificate of my +10, +12, B.tech and post graduation degree. All the degrees are from India. But I don’t have migration and character certificate. Is it necessary to have the same.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How to equivalent the degree of bachelor when your university is not mentioned English subject except that all subjects were in English order..

  • Sir 3 year B.tech india bata gare pachi TU le equivalency dinxa ki nai.

  • Dear Vipin sir , my son did 10 and +2 from CBSE board from india
    Is it necessary for get equivalence certificate of both degree from Sanothimi for apply any competitive exam in Nepal. eg. medical entrance

    • Dear Bipin sir , my son did 10 and +2 from CBSE board from india
      Is it necessary for get equivalence certificate of both degree from Sanothimi for apply any competitive exam in Nepal. eg. medical entrance

      • Hi Alam Ji, Yes some of them require equivalent of Indian degrees. So, you can apply for the equivalent of your son’s 10 and CBSE in Sanothimi.

        • Hello sir
          I am about to complete my B.tech from india .and i have completed my see and +2 from nepal but problem is that there is D+ in Nepali subject of my 12 .does it will hamper while equivalent my degree. Please reply sir i am so much worried.

  • Arbind Kumar singh

    Sir I completed the process for equivalent my bba digree… ..and it is more than 2 month but I can’t receive my equivalent still now due to covid-19 …sir I need my equivalent right now can you help me by sending my equivalent in my Gmail…

    • Hi Arbind, I don’t work in the equivalence office. I just wrote an article to help students to inform about the procedure and required documents. You can call the equivalence office and they may help. Best of luck!

  • i need to get my BBA from India equivalency certification done from TU. is the TU CD office open during the lockdown.

    • CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • Hello sir,
    I am stuck in India due to pandemic and have been admitted to a university for this fall. I need NOC to fly to USA and for that I need TU equivalence certificate. My +2 is from CBSE board. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation can you please suggest what can I do?

  • Hi Bipin,
    Thank you for the great blog with an amazing info. My doubt is that:
    I’ve completed my 10th, 12th and bachelors from India. Now I want to study abroad for my masters for which I need to make equivalence certificate.

    Do I need to get equivalence of all three or I can make equivalence of 12th and bachelors only?

    • Hi John,

      Better to get all three. For equivalence of higher degree, you need equivalence of lower degree meaning for bachelor equivalence you need 12th equivalence. For the 12th you need the 10th. So, you can get both equivalence 10th and 12th from Sanotimi and Bachelors from TU. Good Luck!

  • Aw, this was a very nice post. In thought I want to put in writing like this additionally ?taking time and precise effort to make an excellent article?but what can I say?I procrastinate alot and not at all appear to get something done.

  • i was studying in parul university of india diploma in medical laboratory approved by UGC NAAC but not by tu. Can i get equivalent diploma degree from TU. And can i do government job in nepal and can i open my own lab in nepal or not

    • Hi Aman, yes you can get equivalence from TU but you have to submit some additional documents like syllabus, project report/thesis, etc.

    • Hi Aman, yes you can get equivalence from TU but you have to submit some additional documents like syllabus, project report/thesis, etc.

  • sir,
    I am stuck in India due to pandemic and have been admitted to a university for this fall. I need NOC to fly to USA and for that I need TU equivalence certificate. My +2 is from CBSE board. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation can you please suggest what can I do? Is there any way around ?

    • You can call Sanotimi and know if they can help. Lockdown is extended further and offices are closed so I don’t see any option at the moment then to call and know about it.

  • Bhawika Agarwal

    Dear Bipin Sir,

    I have done my class 12 from CBSE board India .
    and my Bachelors in engineering also from India.
    So for class 12 equivalence will i need my migration certificate?
    Also i don’t think my college is mentioned for undergraduate equivalence so will that be a problem ?

    Thank you

    • I am not sure about migration for 12 CBSE. Probably it won’t be required but the character certificate is a must. For your undergrad degree if your university is not listed still you can apply for equivalence with some additional documents.

      • Bhawika Agarwal

        Thank you so much sir.

        Also, Sir can I get the equivalence Certificate just from attested photocopies. Or the original is also important for the same. Because of the pandemic i might not be able to give my original certificates

        Thank you

  • I have completed +2 from Nepal(HSEB). But my bachelor’s is from India. I am currently at last semester i.e waiting for an exam. However, I have been conditionally admitted to an abroad university. In the present situation, I have up to the 6th Sem transcript. Can I get TU equivalence Certificate with these documents? I need NOC before 18 June. will it be possible?

  • Arbind Kumar singh

    Sir i have done the process for equivalent of bba at date 2077-11-10 and sir said to me come 2078-01-11 but there is lockdown.sir how can i get my equivalency,and sir please give me idea how can i check my bba is equivalented in tu or not…

    • In this lockdown situation, offices are closed and I see no other way than to send them an email or call and know directly from them. And I doubt they will reply to email or receive a call in this situation. I know lots of students are having trouble because of the lockdown and office closure but it is the situation in Nepal and some other countries as well. Hopefully, offices will open soon and you guys will get your equivalence.

      • Hello, just wanted to know ki equivalence certificate aba kaile provide garnuhunxa ?
        It’s very urgent.

  • I really love your blog.. Great colors & theme. Did you develop this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my own personal site and want to know where you got this from or what the theme is called. Thank you!

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    Your style is so unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this site.

  • Sir I have passed out bachelor degree from the foregin country.
    I have all documents .
    For equilavance certificate is now the office is open for equilavance the certificate

    • The office is closed at the moment but as the lockdown is eased slowly, it may be open in a few weeks time.

    • CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • India ko recognised university ko distance education ko degree equivalent hunx ki hudaina?

  • How to fill online equivalence forum

    • There is no online application as of now. You need to get an application form from CDC, TU and fill it.

      • CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • Sir plz tell date from official work done or equivalence the certificate

    • Hi Ravi, I don’t work at CDC, TU. So, I cannot tell you the date but hopefully, it will open soon as the lockdown is easing.

  • Hello sir,

    Ma aily Indian Universities 6th sem maa chu,
    Ma 7th sem ko transcript le Abroad application garna pauxu ki paudaina hola?

    Ani 8th sem sakera Equivalence nikalna milxa ki mildaina or 7th maa milxa ki mildaina?

    • Many universities abroad accept applications from applicants who are in the last year of their studies. So, yes you may be able to apply if the university you are applying to has such provision.

      You cannot apply for equivalence after the 7th. You have to complete your degree first.

  • Sir I want to know about equivalent degree of TU?????? My question is I have completed my BBA from Indian state university and I want to take equivalent degree from TU Nepal whether is it possible???? Because in India BBA is 3 yrs course but in Nepal BBA is 4 yrs course so how to obtain equivalent degree????

    • Yes, you can apply for equivalence. The preliminary thing you can do is to find out someone from your college or person with a similar degree who had done equivalence before, they may help you how you can proceed. Otherwise, you can visit CDC, TU and ask the officer about it. I am sure they have provision to equivalence in such case as there are many colleges offering such degree and students who did such degree. Good Luck!

  • I have read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to create such a magnificent informative site.

  • Hey I have graduated from Rajiv Gandhi university of baNgalore and I want to apply for equivalence from Tu what all certificate should I have plz can uh clearly mention it…BCz I don’t have TC and migration of bachelor level

    • I have done bachelor in nursing from India and I don’t have TC and migration of bachelor..do I still get to apply for equivalence?

    • You don’t need transfer and migration of Bachelor level if you are applying for bachelor equivalence.

  • Aamir chaudhary

    Hello sir, I have completed diploma and then betech (3 years literally entry) in DIT university dehradun…….how can I get equivalence of my 3 year bachelor degree from TU sir ….is there any procedure for 3 year betch equivalence……please reply me sir…

    • I think there is some provision for that as well. Please visit CDC with all your documents and ask them how you can obtain equivalence.

  • Hello sir, I had completed my BBA from India. The course duration was 3 years. Although at my last semester there was already covid 19 situation but I took exam of final semester.

    Sir, Actually I want to know can I get equivalent of my 3 year BBA from TU?
    And if so what are the process?
    And also according to some TU equivalent university site of google I checked but I couldn’t found my university listed there.

    Sir please help me out 🙏🙏 how can I get equivalent of my degree? I want to do my MBA from Nepal..

  • I think you can obtain equivalence from TU if you have completed your degree. Please visit CDC with all your documents, they will check and verify and you can lodge an application for equivalence. If your university is not recognized, then you have to submit some extra documents like project/thesis, syllabus, etc. as mentioned in the article above.

  • Hlo sir, I had completed my bachelor of optometry from , AIIMS,New Delhi which was 4 year program. When i went TU for my equivalence then they told me your program is not registered in tu so i have to go through process..which i have already done n followed all the instructions. I had also submitted all the required documents and payment slip.
    They gave me a slip and told me to go to Maharaj gunj teaching hospitals at dean office and ask for ur equivalence if done thn collect frm there if nt thn request them to do it as soon as possible..
    But my problem is i was stuck at my home town due to lockdown and it happened around 2 and half month ..so from where i should collect it ..
    If u ans my question it will be very grateful to you🙏

    • I am not sure about that, but Puja ji, since lockdown is easing up, give a call to Maharajgunj teaching hospital whether they are open and visit there and collect your equivalence.

  • Menjo Chemjong

    Is there online system for Equivalent ?? I have completed my Bachelor degree from India and I want to equivalent my degree with TU.

    • As of now, I don’t think so. You have to submit physically.

    • Yes, CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • Hi Sir
    I’m trying to fill online equivalent form but there is two question mention there
    i can’t understand what I’ve to fill I try to call cdc department but noone is recieving call to tell me about this.
    Please sir update me as soon as possible.

  • Hi Mr. Bipin,
    Good day,

    Not sure on process and requirement to apply equivalence certificate from Nepal.

    Can you please guide me on below points;

    1. I have completed RQF qualification at Level -3 from OTHM UK , which is equivalent to GCE AS/A Level.

    2. I have not completed +2 education.

    3. Am in qualified to get equivalent certificate from Nepal education board?

    Please advise!

    • If it is equivalent to GCE AS/A Level, then you can follow the same procedure as required to obtain equivalence for A level from Sanotimi.

    • If it is equivalent to GCE AS/A Level, then you can follow the same procedure as required to obtain equivalence for A level from Sanotimi.

  • hello sir can i get a eqivalency for 2.5 gpa

    • GPA doesn’t matter. If you have passed and successfully completed your degree, then you can apply for equivalence.

  • hello sir i am from pokhara and i had passed my bachelor degree from pokhara university . i want to know whether the TU equavalance can be applied online or not and how much time it will take to get the equavalance certificate

    • Yes, CDC TU has recently opened online registration for equivalence. You can visit the CDC website and do the registration. I will be updating the procedure in this article shortly.

  • Sir I have B.tech passed from Uttarakhand technical university ( lateral entry ) how to get equivalence certificate please give me suggest

  • Sir I have B.tech in computer science (lateral entry .3years ) passed from Uttarakhand technical university and I have also got NEC certificate but not get Tu equivalence certificate and also I have passed from M.tech in computer science from Uttarakhand Technical. university how to get Tu equivalence certificate and B.tech and M.tech

  • Mohammad Irfan Khan

    I need to know whether I can get equivalence for undergraduate degree if I obtain it from open university which offers all course online via distance learning.

  • Hello Sir, i would like to know if one can get equivalence certificate of bachelors degree(foreign university) with GED. I don’t have equivalence certificate of GED but i have completed my bachelors degree here from Nepal.

    • I am not sure but if GED is equivalent to +2 in Nepal. You can visit Sanotimi and ask what all documents are required and submit accordingly for equivalence.

  • GED ko equivalence hunxa ki hudaina. Please do reply sir.

  • Biplab chaudhary

    I am final year student of BBA .But in Nepal the Bba cousre is 4 yrs .and in India is 3 yrs course . My college affiliation is from Delhi university . Is this course will b equivalce in CDC .clearly justify me sir.Do BBA of 3 yrs course from India will b equivalce or not

    • Lots of students have done BBA from India and I am sure there is some provision for equivalence for that. I can’t say for surety but if you have all the documents, then you should get equivalence.

  • Bishal shrestha

    Sir i completed my b.tech in civil engineering from india . There is late entry means (leet) which allow you to jump 1st year and i did that and it is valid in india but not in nepal what to do sir

  • Julian Adhikari

    Please provide the link to apply online.

  • Ramesh Kumar Shrestha

    Sir can I apply online for equivalence ,

    Indian (10th & 12th) & also nursing diploma Certificate.

    if possible please provide the link to apply online.

  • Why office is close if some staff having covid-19 than you can close whole office.try to manage we are suffering

    • I don’t work at the CDC office neither I am associated with them in any way. Perhaps you can call them and tell them that in detail. Good luck!

  • I’m planning to do my MBA from Girne American University, Cyprus or Singhania University, Rajasthan. Could ypu please clear me sir will that certificate be equivalent by TU.

    • Nabina Ji, please check whether that university is on the list or not. If not then producing all extra documents will help you to obtain equivalence.

  • Ramesh Kumar Shrestha

    Sir can I apply online for certificate equivalent ,

    Indian (10th & 12th) & also nursing diploma Certificate in Nepal.

    if possible please provide the link to apply online.

  • How do I know whether my university is recognized by TU or not?

    • If somebody from your university has already obtained equivalence, then your university will be in the database. Otherwise you have to submit extra documents to obtain equivalence.

  • Very comprehensive work Bipin ji, thank you. Further on equivalency, one criteria stated for foreign university is submission of visa/ passport which assumes the student will attend the class in a university physically, it does not accomodate online edication which is the New Norm going forward. An issue yet not addressed by TU – CDC. And equivalency is a monopoly of TU while there so many universities in nepal, it should be done by a neutral body may be a wing in UGC.

    Let’s connect Bipin ji.thx

    • Bhanu Ji, Thank you very much for the information. I agree with you on equivalence by a neutral body. Hopefully, there will be provision for equivalence of online education as well.

  • Whether the online graduation certificates from indian universities would get the equivalence and is it the same process like physical. Need some clarity on this as most of the universities and colleges are prefering online these days.

    • Santosh ji, I am also not quite sure about the validity of online graduation certificates. If you could contact CDC, they will definitely help you. Good luck!

  • I did my bachelor in india , bt I did my 10 n +2 in nepal , for equivalent of my bachelor degree?? Do I need to do equivalent of +2 also , I dint understand it ?? I did +2 frm nepal only

    • Yes, even if you did your +2 from Nepal. You need to obtain the equivalence of your +2 degree. No need for 10th.

  • Sir equivalence kasto huncha ?? Is it transcript of +2? 11 n 12 ko result together huncha ho or arko type ko huncha ??

    • आकाश जी, यो टीयू द्वारा दिइने प्रमाणपत्र हो जुन उल्लेख गर्दछ कि तपाइँको विदेश मा पूरा डिग्री टीयू नेपाल बाट एक डिग्री को बराबर छ। यो १२ को ट्रान्सक्रिप्ट हैन।

  • Hi Bipin Ji,

    I have done my 10 and +12 from CBSE Board, India. I want to do equivalence of my 10 and +12 degree ? Can I apply it through online ? If YES, please provide me link . If NO, please provide me the process.

    Thanks in advance and GOD Bless you for your humanitarian work.

  • Hi Shankar Ji, I don’t think there is an online provision for equivalence of 10 and 12 as of now. You can download forms by visiting this link https://moecdc.gov.np/index.php/equivalence

  • The online portal for equivalency only shows master degree no matter the university! I have done my BBA from North Eastern Hills University, can you please see what can be done and how soon will this be fixed.
    Thank you

  • Anil Kumar Thakur

    Dear sir i have completed diploma in engineering and now completed b.tech in India and laterally entry 3 year course by directly 2nd year and now how i have got equivalent certificate or not please informed me.

    • If you submit all the required documents, then you will obtain equivalence.

      • Anil Kumar Thakur

        what is required document sir? Like:
        1. i have complete b tech document
        2. Complete Diploma Document.
        3. Complete Slc Document
        I have all the above documents, is there missing something ?

  • The online portal for equivalency only shows master degree for any University. Please let me know when this will be fixed.

    • Hi Badal, I don’t work at CDC. Since they have started this online submission for equivalence recently, there may be some glitches. Hopefully, they will fix it soon.

  • Raghwendra pandey

    I have completed +2 from Bihar board and b.tech from panjab technical University and I need to equivalent my +2 certificate but I have no migration certificate of +2, than I can equivalent my +2 or not with b.tech migration certificate..plz reply

  • Ganga Sagar Kurmi

    I submit msc agronomy JS university shikohabad u.p in Tribhuvan university cdc .They will tell us your credit hour is not reach .Then what I do

  • Sir, what are the process, if i have to send an application to WSE for credential evaluation affliated to TU? Is that also done by TU??

  • Bipin sharma sir,
    NEB branch lies in kathmandu or not? And I have completed +2 from India , I need to equivalent my +2 certificate from here.

  • I studied engineering (Bachelor) from india and i am planning to go Foreign for master. So, Do i need to make equivalent of my Bachelor certificate? or not?

  • Anand kumar Chaudhary

    sir namste
    india bata b.com greko ani k k dacument chahinxa sir..suna ma aexa ki english subject ko exam dinu parxa

  • Anand kumar Chaudhary

    plz rply me sir

  • i have studied in India and would like to apply for equivelence online from Class 10 to Msc level . can please tell me the procedure step wise how to apply .

  • I have completed my diploma three years

    I m going to complete my B.E from India

    Which one is important to complete 3 year or 4 year of B.E , but why ??

  • I had applied for TU equivalence almost a month ago and had submitted all documents in file on the same day of filling the application and payment. However, I still have a remark of “Document Ok. visit office to submit hard copy of all documents in a file for further processing”. What do I do about this as I am leaving soon for abroad? I have already submitted all the docs so idk why I am still getting this remark! Can anybody help!?

    • Please call or email helpdesk CDC. They should help!

      • Thanks Bipin Sir for the information providing to us.
        I have cantact to them email to them 3,4 times they don’t care about that no replies till date when you go there they even don’t give you to stand there
        We students are really helpless

  • I had applied for TU equivalence almost a month ago and had submitted all documents in file on the same day of filling the application and payment. However, i still have a remark of “Document Ok. visit office to submit hard copy of all documents in a file for further processing”. What do I do about this as I am leaving soon for abroad? I have already submitted all the docs so idk why I am still getting this remark! Can anybody help!? Tried calling them multiple times but no answer!

  • Hi Sir, Could you please help me with below query?

    My college is not listed in the portal but the university that college is affiliated that is listed in the portal. what should be done in this case? Should I select the university name or add new college name.

    • You should select a university in that case. I hope your degree certificate is issued by the university right not your college?

  • Bijaya Kumar Limbu

    Pls sir.
    i have studied in whole level as ten with +2 and bachelor in india and i would like to apply for equivelence online from +2 and bachelor. can please tell me the procedure step wise how to apply .

  • Hello sir
    I am about to complete my civil engineering degree from india . I have completed my see and +2 from nepal .and problem is that there is D+ in nepali subject . There will be any problems while equivalent of my degree or not..do TU will equivalent my degree please response sir .i am so much worried about it

  • Ganga Sagar Kurmi

    I submit my msc ag JS university Shikohabad U.P in Chaitra 17 Gate after 3 month they say your credit hour is not reached. Then What I do .Please help me I am in difficult

  • Sir I wanted to do equivalent of my BBA degree of India which was completed in 2020. But the problem is that my degree certificate has not issued till date.Reason is that covid 19 strike. But I have provisional degree certificate and can I get equivalency of my degree from provisional degree certificate??
    Sir please help me out. Actually original degree certificate may issued very late and I want to enroll in this December session

    • Ganesh prasad Jaishi

      i want to know that india bba 3yrs Degree is valid in nepal or not … Actually i have completed my bba degree from HNB Gharwal university from Uttarakhand Dehradun .in past i dont know much about the Equivalent rules and Regulations now i am afraid that indian bba 3yrs regular degree is valid in nepal or not . If valid bba degree is equivalent in which degree in Nepal Please Sir reply my mail . I hope you will help me .your small afford will save my life Carrer and family images

  • Very helpful information with clear steps. Thank you for the article.

  • hello sir
    mero plus 2 pass yehe nepal ma xa ra tesko ni equivalence garnu parxa ra ?

  • Good blog! I really love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I’m wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  • Ganesh prasad Jaishi

    Sir actually i want to know that .
    I have completed my bba degree from India in Gharwal university . I don’t even know Indian ghrwal University 3yrs bachulor degree is valid in which degree of Nepal..

  • Ganesh prasad Jaishi

    Hello sir
    i want to know that india bba 3yrs Degree is valid in nepal or not … Actually i have completed my bba degree from HNB Gharwal university from Uttarakhand Dehradun .in past i dont know much about the Equivalent rules and Regulations now i am afraid that indian bba 3yrs regular degree is valid in nepal or not . If valid bba degree is equivalent in which degree in Nepal Please Sir reply my mail . I hope you will help me .your small afford will save my life Carrer and family images

    • Hello Ganesh, I am also not sure about 3 years BBA degree and its equivalence by TU. You should call or email them to clear your doubt. They may help you. Good luck!

  • Dear Bipin Sir,
    This is to kindly inform that online equivalence system is not responding, I register with my detail but I didn’t get the activation link in my email but system says that link is send in my email but I didn’t get any link to proceed further. I am in urgent need of equivalence for my Bachelor degree from North Bengal university, West Bengal, India. Please help me out. Is there any alternative process?
    Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  • Sir I completed my diploma and bachelor in engineering from India. My bachelor is 3yrs which is lateral entry . I heard 3yrs bachelor is not valid in nepal we should give first year examination.. so I need your help sir .Is that true we need to give first year examination or not ???

  • Excuse me sir.bachelor of arts maile gare xu.3 yeras of course ho.eqivalnce ko lagi k k doucment and kati payment garnu parxa and bachelor of arts recognised xa ki nai…. University deen dayal gorkhpur ho…

  • Excuse me sir.. bachelor of arts and deen dayal University Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh.you University and degree TU may recongised xa ki nai….

  • Sir, how many days to final for equivalent after submitted hard copy, syllabus etc ?

  • Hello,
    I study in German university. The course is 3 years and the total credits is 180 Europe credits. Nepal has a different credit system and 4 years course. Would it be possible to get a bachelor equivalent certificate in this case?

  • Sir .. since 17 sep 2021 early morning the tucdc.gov.np surver is down when it will be fix it ?? bcz i have to know my status of document .

  • Hi Bipin Sir or any friend who knows,

    I have completed my +2 commerce from nepal and completed engineering in Information Sccience from China. can I get my equivalency certificate of engineering from TU since i have done +2 in commerce but completed my bachelor degree in Engineering. Thank you , if anybody can share experience then i will be grateful. thank you once again.

    • If you have completed your degree then you may apply and get the equivalence of degree irrespective of subjects or degree you have chosen in +2.

  • Sir, i have submitted all the reqiurement documents but till its showing the hseb certificate missing. So how can I make it correct.
    I should visit TU in balkhu or there might be other option for the correction.

  • I did diploma in healthcare level 5 and 6 from new Zealand, so I am wondering if there is any equivalency?

    • Mike, I am not sure which level of New Zealand is equivalent to which level in Nepal. You can simply email or contact them and move forward accordingly.

  • Dear sir, Thank u for your valuable information. I have a query related to TU equivalence .
    I have done my graduation from an UGC autonomous college which is affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad. Now, while choosing the university name in the TU equivalence online portal, shall I go for my college name or the university name my clg is affiliated to? My college name is not present in the portal’s university list, but the university name is.

  • Hello sir, thank you for the detailed information. This was very helpful.
    I have a question.
    Do we need to get equivalence of bachelors degree to apply for NOC too ?? I’ve obtained my bachelor’s degree from Australia. I’m again pursuing further studies in australia and I need to apply for NOC. Is it mandatory for me to get TU equivalence in order to apply for NOC ? or I can just submit my bachelor’s degree certification without equivalence.

  • Sir, I already got my equivalent certificate from Class-10 till Master. Now I want to equivalent my Mphil Degree. What are the required documents for my Mphil degree equivalent? Need ur help sir..

  • Do class 10 from icse and 12 from cbse board require equivalance

  • Sir,
    Sir, these universities are recognized by TU or not ?

    Parul university (Vadodara, Gujarat) india
    William Carey university (Meghalaya) india

  • Sir,
    William Carey university silong
    Parul university (Vadodara)
    TU recognized or not.

  • Hlo sir can we get tu equivalence by submitting provisional degree certificatevinstead of degree as it will take 6 month to get degree certificate but i need tu equivalent urgently.

  • I got an option of 4000 payment so I paid that amout. But the university is recognised by TU so it’s cost is 1000 so they will refund me back or not ?

    • Santosh Kumar Sah

      Hlo sir….i have applied for equivalence certificate today…after applying i got an option of 4000 payment…and i paid it. But the university is recognised by TU and payment should only be 1000…so i again tried with same information this time got an option of only 1000…..but i already paid 4000….now what can i do ??? Excessive amount will be refunded or not ????

    • Santosh Kumar Sah

      Hlo sir…i face the same prblm as u face …did u get ur refund back ??

  • I am not sure of this case, Anand. You should have checked thoroughly before submission. You can contact the CDC office and inform them about your case.

  • Hello Sir, after online application is approved, can we send someone else to collect our TU equivalence? Do we need to send original documents with them or photocopy will work?
    Many Thanks in advance

  • Hello,
    I want to get the equivalence of a bachelor’s degree from TU. I have completed my bachelor’s degree from Nepal but the College is affiliated with Lincoln University.
    Do we have to get an equivalence or Orginal +2 certificate from Sanothimi?
    Does the transcript and Character from +2 works or not?

    • My +2 is from HSEB Nepal. and I have the transcript and Provisional migration and Character. Please let me know if the original +2 certificate is compulsory to issue Equivalence for Bachelor?

  • Tarun kumar Pathak

    Sir my M.sc in botany fm TU Nepal can I eligible for apply any govt job in india

  • For +2 equivalence is there any online way ?

  • I have bcomaf degree from indira Gandhi open university,new delhi . It is one year bcom on the basis of CA-ipc. Still Tu will be equivalent my degree and by what fee?

  • Sir i have study class 10 from cbse board (new delhi). Do this also need equivalency from nepal.

  • Sir i have study class 10 from cbse board (new delhi). Do this also need equivalency from nepal. If yes where should I contact.

  • Hello Sir, I have submitted my all documents via. online for my equivalency before dashain vacation(almost 15 days ago), but It’s still not responding what is happening, either my documents are ok or not. Can you please help me out why this is taking too long time. Thank you

    • You can check the portal once if there is any notification regarding the status. if not, please call or email cdc about your issue.

  • Sir bachelor ko document equivalent garauda college ko I’d card Pani chahinxa

  • Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

  • Hi Bipin Sir,

    I did both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees abroad, so can I only apply for Equivalence of Masters degree, or do I have to apply for both Bachelors and Masters degrees?

    Thanks for your great article

    • You have to apply for Bachelor equivalence first to obtain the equivalence of Master or apply both at the same time. To obtain the equivalence of a higher degree, you should obtain the equivalence of a previous degree.

  • Hi Bipin Sir,

    I did both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees abroad, so can I only apply for Equivalence of Masters degree, or do I have to apply for both Bachelors and Masters degrees?

    Thanks for your great article, hope you can help me

    • Hi Ramesh Ji, to apply for a Masters equivalence, you need to obtain a Bachelor equivalence first. You should produce lower-level degree equivalence to obtain higher-level degree equivalence.

  • Hello bipin Sir I had passed out BBA from india. Can I get equivalence of it from Tu by submitting six semesters mark sheet and provisional certificate because it takes 6 months more to receive degree certificate and migration. Note I had completed from Aisect University Hazaribagh but in tucdc site only Aisect University Bhopal is showing for equivalence. Although my university Aisect Hazaribagh is the group of Aisect universities which is in five cities of India. All are linked with each others as its branches.

  • Sir maile 10th , 12th , Bsc IT India bata gareko xu. Maile equivalent garnu milxa ke nai and milxa bhane kasari equivalent garnu parxa plz help gardinu na

  • Bipin sir I have a bachelor degree in BSC.(hons)computing from British College Thapathali as it is recognised by ministry of education Nepal. how should I obtain equivalence please help sir. will I be able to give loksewa? please help me sir.

  • maile online apply gareko 1 hapta huna lagisakyo na approved ma dekhauchha na ta cdc ko phone nai uthchha
    k garne hola

  • I need bachelor Equivalence ( degree abroad) my plus 2 is from Nepal. For equivalance bachelor degree combined naya certificate cha re ho? tyo chaincha ki nai.. cus upload ma tyasto kai option chaina,

    most importantly , My university USTC is recognized by TU and my friends have also got equivalance certificate already in 1000 rs deposite but online ma register garera garda.. malai payment ma 4000 rs dekhayo kina

    and nobody picks up the call.. in TU Equvalance garne no ma,,… please help….

  • Sir i have indian citizen, can i apply for equivalent plz sir answer me. (But my mom dad have nepal citizenship)

  • Why so much hate and disrespect for distance education from sikkim manipal university, I need equivalent for my 3 year degree in BCA frm SMU bt I was unheard witout proper solution or any update , just we will have meeting with high board n will inform u n its been 3 week no response. Just I can cry n die .

  • there are asking for nepali citizen for equivalent ?

  • I got my Bsc. computer science 3 years .Can i equivalent to TU Nepal 4 years Bsc computer science from CD Kritipur.sir please help me

  • Hello character certificate ni chainxay equivalent grda bachelor ko

  • Hello sir,
    Actually i am not getting Registration for equivalence bottom .
    so how can i apply
    please help sir.

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