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Have you completed your degree (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) from abroad and wondering how to obtain degree equivalence from Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal?

Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

All the Nepalese students who have completed their degree from any foreign country can obtain the equivalence of their degree from Tribhuvan University. 

The degree equivalence certificate from TU is necessary when you wish to appear for exams like Lok Sewa for a Government job or register and obtain a license from institutions like Nepal Engineering Council (NEC).

The Curriculum Development Center (CDC) at Tribhuvan University handles all the degree equivalence related activities. The CDC office is located on the right side, less than 100m, when you enter the TU main gate.

Required Documents for TU Equivalence

First, you need to show all the below-listed documents original to an officer sitting in Window Number 2.

Once he/she checks your documents and says okay, then you need to fill an equivalence form (you can find the form hanged near Window Number 4) and deposit NPR 1000 in Nepal Bank Limited (if your university is recognized by TU) and get the voucher/slip.

If your university is not recognized by TU in that case you need to deposit NPR 4000 in Nepal Bank Limited and get the voucher/slip.

Note: Bank account number to deposit 1000 (recognized by TU) and 4000 (not recognized by TU) is different.

If you are only applying for Bachelor’s degree equivalence ignore points 1 to 5.

If you wish to obtain the equivalence of Master and Bachelor degree at once, you don’t need to prepare separate copies of these documents, One set of all the below-listed documents will work. You only need to fill two equivalence forms one for Bachelor and another for Master along with two Bank vouchers.

List of Documents

  1. Master Degree Certificate or Passing Certificate
  2. Transcript or Mark Sheet of Master Degree
  3. Character Certificate of Master Degree
  4. Syllabus or Curriculum of Master Subjects (if your university is not recognized by TU)
  5. Master Thesis or Project Work (if your university is not recognized by TU)
  6. Bachelor Equivalence Certificate (If already have)
  7. Bachelor Degree Certificate 
  8. Transcript or Mark Sheet of Bachelor Degree
  9. Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree
  10. Class 12 or A-Level Equivalence Certificate or Voucher from Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
  11. Transcript of +2 or GCE Certificate of A-level
  12. Statement of Results (SOR) Certificate or Provisional Result copy stamped by British Council (For A-Level)
  13. Migration Certificate (For A-Level)
  14. Character Certificate of +2 or A-Level
  15. SLC Marksheet
  16. SLC Certificate
  17. Character Certificate
  18. Filled Equivalence Form
  19. Nepal Bank Voucher
  20. Passport / Visa for all other countries except India

For submitting an application for equivalence of bachelor or master degree, a student has to get an equivalence of class 12 or A level from the Higher Secondary Education Board, Sanothimi.

+2 Equivalence Certificate

Following is the list of documents required for students having a degree from the HSEB Board.

  1. Bank voucher of Rs. 500
  2. Photocopy of citizenship card
  3. Photocopy of +2 transcript
  4. Two passport size photographs
  5. Filled equivalence form

Once the application is submitted, the officer will stamp the voucher and give it back to the student. You won’t receive an equivalence certificate on the same day. It takes a week and the timing to collect the certificate is after 3:00 PM. 

The payment voucher/slip you have collected from Sanothimi is required while applying for a Bachelor equivalence at TU.

A-level Equivalence Certificate

Following is the list of documents required for students having an A-Level degree from the Cambridge Board, UK.

  1. General Certificate of Education
  2. Statement of Result or Provisional result certificate stamped by the British Council, Nepal
  3. Migration Certificate
  4. Character Certificate
  5. SLC mark sheet, certificate, and character certificate
  6. Payment of Rs. 1000
  7. Filled equivalence form

All the photocopy of the above-listed documents must be notarized. The notary center is located outside near the highway.

You will receive an A level equivalence certificate on the same day (Generally within 1 hour).

For the students who have their higher secondary passing certificate from other boards such as CBSE, etc., they need to submit mainly notarized copies of the transcript, degree certificate, character certificate, etc.

Once you have all the documents listed above, submit them in Window Number 1. You will get your degree equivalence certificate in 2 days (because of Covid-19), but the time duration may change when everything goes back to normal.

Contact Details of CDC:
Curriculum Development Center
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: 01-4330856/4334041

**Special Thanks to Gagan Gautam for his invaluable inputs.**


  • Thanks for bringing this as blog.
    I hope it is going to be handy for equivalence

  • write a paper for me

    You actually made it appear really easy along with your presentation.

  • Do we need to pass from the tu recognized universities of india to get government job in nepal or not? And can we get the equivalent certificate from tu in case of passing other than the tu recognized universities of india?

    • Even if your university is not recognized by TU, still you can apply for degree equivalence by submitting your syllabus, project report, etc. and you need to pay NPR 4000. After receiving equivalence you can apply for any government job.

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